Binda Singh manager/partner

Binda Singh is the manager/partner at Royal Taj. His high-class customer service and super friendly behavior has always been the focus point for customers to return back to Royal Taj. He strongly believes supreme customer service is the key factor for driving a successful restaurant business. As a young entrepreneur he has worked extremely hard to create a brand that we are today. His belief of treating each customer as a “guest” with a warm welcome or a warm hug is what makes him stand out amongst the rest.

Jasvinder Singh chef

Mr. Jasvinder Singh arrived in the USA from Punjab India in 1990. He immediately began his career at the Bombay Palace in Washington, D.C., where he worked for 4 years as a Tandoori Chef while training to become a Curry Chef.

After years of hard work, Chef Singh was able to open his own restaurant - Bombay Dining of Bethesda, Maryland. He then went on to open the Mughal Garden on N. Charles Street in Baltimore, Maryland. He owned and operated the Mughal Garden for the past 11 years until recently making his new home in Columbia, Maryland.

Chef Singh's new restaurant, The Royal Taj, has been a great success - enjoying positive reviews and winning over loyal and dedicated customers. He is looking forward to welcoming you to this new establishment!

Sony Singh manager

Sony Singh is the manager at Royal Taj. His strong ability to manage a team and work well with the staff members is remarkable. His commitment to excellent customer service has been a valuable asset at Royal Taj.